Having given thousands of presentations over the years, Dr Stephen Hardy can turn his hand to a wide range of topics.

A brief selection of some of his recent and most popular presentations are shown below. Dr Hardy can also design a specific presentation for your needs.

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  • A Changed Mind For A Changed Future: Part I

    Part I

    Issues Beyond Climate Change

    Is Climate Change real? Are we facing an environmental crisis?

    In “A Changed Mind for a Changed Future: Part I”, Dr Stephen Hardy cuts through the hype and politics to ask the tough questions. This wide ranging and provocative presentation looks at our relationship to nature and whether we can keep going as we are. What are the consequences for humanity if we do? And if we have to change, what sort of society do we want at the end of it? In this talk we ask the hardest question of all: How do we do it?

    “A Changed Mind for a Changed Future: Part I” makes the environmental debate comprehensible and compelling.

  • A Changed Mind For A Changed Future: Part II

    Part II

    Rethinking the Future

    Where are we going and how do we get there?

    In “A Changed Mind for a Changed Future: Part II”, Dr Stephen Hardy builds on the information in Part I to explore how to deal with the environmental issues facing us.

    We need a change of mind. But what kind of change?  What kind of mind? How do we learn what we need to learn? Who is going to teach us? How do we lead by example? And how do we and our leaders rally popular support for the challenges ahead?

    “A Changed Mind for a Changed Future: Part II” shows us a way.

  • Cancer: An Introduction

    What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

    Would you be interested in the secrets to avoiding cancer?

    80% of cancers are preventable. In this lecture Dr Hardy explains what cancer is, where it comes from, how it behaves and what you can do to avoid it. And if you’ve had cancer before, you will learn how to reduce the risk of it coming back!

    “Cancer: An Introduction” explains what cancer is and how it behaves without jargon in terms anyone can understand. It is a must see for anyone worried about the disease, wanting to avoid the disease or worried for someone who has it. “Cancer: An Introduction” also explodes some common myths and misconceptions about cancer and how its behaves.

  • Cardiovascular Disease

    What We Now Know

    WARNING: 50% of people die from their FIRST heart attack!

    Cardiovascular Disease has been the biggest killer in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for nearly a century.

    Traditionally, cholesterol has been the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease. New research is challenging this in ways with significant implications for how you live if you want to avoid becoming a statistic.

    In this engaging presentation, designed for the layman, Dr Stephen Hardy looks at the latest research on cardiovascular disease and what it means for you. He also shows you how to use this knowledge to stay healthy.

  • Do You Want Chemicals With That?

    Chemicals in the Food Chain

    How safe is the food you eat?

    Every day we come in contact with a wide array of man-made and artificial chemicals, from the pesticides and fertilisers on our crops to the additives, preservatives and colouring agents in our food and the platicizers used in the packaging.

    If we cannot avoid these chemicals several important questions must be asked: What are these chemicals? Where are they? Why are they used? How am I exposed to them? And, most importantly: Do they pose a potential health risk to you and your loved ones?

    This thought-provoking presentation looks at all of these questions. It is also an excellent complement and addition to the book The Silent Threat by Professor Alf Poulos, available online from Promoting Good Health.

  • Immune System: An Introduction

    Did you know around 90 % of diseases may involve a faulty immune system?

    Most people know their immune system protects them from bacteria, viruses and other infectious micro-organisms. What they likely won’t know is just how much their immune system is involved in other diseases like allergies, auto-immune disease, heart disease and cancer. We also know these ‘lifestyle’ diseases are on the increase.

    In this interesting and engaging presentation, designed for the layman, Dr Stephen Hardy explains what the immune system is and what it does. And what happens when things go wrong.  You can use this knowledge to look after your immune system, so it can keep looking after you.

  • Leadership – NOW

    What is Leadership in a changing world?

    In “Leadership – NOW” Dr Stephen Hardy looks at the changing requirements of Leadership in a changing world.

    What leadership styles work in the new age? Do they prepare us for the challenges ahead? Are the old ways of doing things holding back a group or organisation or potentially setting it up for failure? What lessons do the great leaders of the past have for us today? How do you create and train leaders to make decisions that suit the short term needs of an organisation, yet set the foundation for future flexibility and growth? How do you create “Leadership Vision”? In “Leadership – NOW” all these questions are answered. The clock is ticking…

    “Leadership – NOW” is a must hear talk, whether you are part of a small business, club, charity, company, corporation or government.

  • Our Sick Healthcare System

    The Coming Revolution in Healthcare

    What is wrong with our Healthcare system?

    By almost every indicator, the Western-style healthcare system is in crisis. Spiralling costs, growing waiting lists and overworked staff. Yet despite all this effort, degenerative and ‘lifestyle’ diseases continue to increase worldwide. Where did it all go wrong? How did it come to this and why did we allow it to happen?  And most importantly, what can you do about it?

    All these questions are asked and answered in this thought-provoking presentation. What can we learn from the mistakes of the past? What does the future have in store? How will we tackle the challenges ahead? And what is the coming revolution in healthcare?

  • Supplements For the Future: Part 1

    Part I

    Transfer Factors

    Why the fuss about transfer factors?

    Transfer factors are “smart” molecules made by your immune system to tell your immune system what to do.

    Since their discovery in 1949, numerous scientific studies have shown transfer factors to be a potentially safe and effective way of regulating the immune system. It has taken over 50 years for these findings to go beyond the laboratory however. Now the secret is out, are transfer factors poised to finally realize their early potential?

    So what are transfer factors? What do they do? Why are they potentially exciting?  What promise do they hold as an immunotherapy or immunomodulator? And what do they mean for you?  All these questions are answered in this concise and easy to follow presentation.