Interview Questions

Here are some suggested interview questions to get the ball rolling…


When did you know you wanted to be a scientist and why?

What made you go from being a research scientist working in a laboratory to an author and public speaker?

We’re surrounded by new technologies every day. How much are our lives shaped by science and is newer always better?

Health and Wellness

There are always reports in the media about new or dangerous diseases. Why are so many diseases on the increase?

Can you give us a ‘View from the hill’ on where we are at with medical research? Are exciting cures just around the corner?

I understand you think we’re on the wrong track by focussing on finding cures for diseases. Why is that?

What are some of the most important things people can do to stay healthy? Is that why you started Promoting Good Health?


I’ve read you went to University because you wanted to cure cancer but you’re not interested in finding a cure any more. Why is that?

More and more people seem to be getting cancer these days. Why is that?

Will there ever be a cure for cancer and why is it taking scientists and doctors so long to find it?

Environmental degradation

You’ve been quoted as saying Climate Change is irrelevant. That’s a pretty provocative statement. Can you explain what you mean?

I’ve read you’re not a fan of economic growth for its own sake. Why is it a problem and what’s the alternative?

How do we look after the environment and make a better world without going backwards?

Leadership and Governance

Why do governments seem so slow to react to the issues we are facing?

We seem to be facing issues today that are too big for one country to tackle. How can one country make a difference and what can we do as individuals?

You’ve been quoted as saying good leadership can’t be driven by opinion polls. What do you mean?

Closing question

Now, I’m excited as I understand you have a special offer for my listeners today which will help them stay healthy. Can you please tell us all about it?