Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Stephen went to university because he wanted to cure cancer. It didn’t turn out that way.  Awarded a Ph.D. in biochemistry and immunology from the Flinders University of South Australia, he realised he was working at the wrong end of the problem. 80% of cancers are preventable. Why find a cure for a disease you can avoid?

Staying healthy lies not in finding cures but in preventing diseases from occurring in the first place.  Stephen shifted focus to understand how and why we get sick and what we can do everyday to stay healthy and avoid disease. His research took him in surprising directions, picking up a Permaculture Design Certificate along the way. He realised a healthy life also relies on healthy attitudes, healthy relationships, healthy surroundings and a healthy and unpolluted world. This meant becoming environmentally aware and environmentally active. Knowing how nature works gives you options. Exercising those options through wise choices and decisions has a profound effect on your health; on the environment; and on the health and happiness of those around you. Spreading this message is now Stephen’s mission.  It has taken him from the laboratory to the lecture theatre, to teach others what he knows about how living systems work and how to use this knowledge to maximise your health, happiness and environmental responsibility.

Stephen is a published author and a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings an infectious passion to everything he does. Equally at home talking specifics or looking at the “Big Picture”, he has the rare gift of making complex issues real, relevant and easy to understand.

Stephen’s understanding for how living systems work has wide implications. The principles are equally applicable to health and environmental policy; strategic planning; Climate Change; sustainability and environmental responsibility; living in harmony with nature; adapting to change; responsible corporate governance and management and leadership training.

Stephen lives in the Adelaide Hills; is Founder and Managing Director of Promoting Good Health ( and has spent years on the not-for-profit Boards of the registered charities the Cancer Care Centre (, and the Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME) (

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